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Gunderboom® Subsurface Oil Control (SOC™) System

Robust Subsurface Boom in production and available for OIL SPILL control, Marine Resource Protection and long-term Defense

Traditional Oil BoomGunderboom Subsurface Oil Control System

For active oil spill control, Gunderboom offers:

  • The Subsurface Oil Control System, and
  • The custom-designed, full-depth Aquatic Filter Barrier System.

The Subsurface Oil Control System has a filter barrier that extends from the surface flotation down into the water column to a prescribed depth, such as 8, 10 or 12 feet. The filter is made from an oleophilic (oilbinding) geotextile. As an extra feature, an oil-absorbing composite material can be added to the filter barrier to collect oil. As it was for the Valdez spill, the SOC is easily and quickly deployed to improve protection for ecologically sensitive areas.

The patented Aquatic Filter Barrier is custom-designed and protects the entire water column of your valuable resource area from the surface to the bottom. This is an anchored, floating curtain that seals to the bottom with Gunderboom's patented "Y-Seal" of impermeable skirts. Other applications of the Aquatic Filter Barrier System include chemical remediation of sediments.

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